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All the polarized lenses of MOLA Sunglasses are made of TAC. are effective cutting strong light, reflection and scattering light. it makes messy rays become parallel. TAC polarized lenses makes the scenery more clear and soft. 

Polarized lenses and polarizing angle radians are gone though professionally design and producing, The wearers have no distortion of scenery and the feeling of Vertigo. 


The lenes has 7 layers composite, which comply with the international sunglasses lenses standard. The polarized lenses can fully protect eyes, the first layer is a polarizing layer, is the core of the lens, it provides more than 99% of the polarizing effect, which can effective absorption of glare. Second and third layer for bonding, can effectively resist the cutting, baking, baking bend, cut pieces, tests of withstand harsh environments. The forth and fifth layer for UV-absorbing layer, over 99% of UV-ultraviolet rays are absorbed. The sixth and seventh layer for shock-proof layer, it increase toughness, impact resistance, preventing lens scratches and extend the life of polarized lenses